Terms and conditions

Villa Bloom Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions, the following is understood.

Care day
A day of childcare.

A child’s parents, legal guardians or caregivers, singular where applicable.

Type of care
1. Day care: an entire day of childcare during regular opening hours for children aged between 12 weeks and five years.
2. After school care: before and after school care for children of primary school age, also applicable during school holidays and a set number of inset days.
3. Holiday care: childcare for children of primary school age during all school holidays.
4. Flexible care: childcare on varying days and times during regular opening hours for children aged between 12 weeks and five years.

A place for a child for any form of childcare for any number of days.

Placement agreement
A written confirmation of placement, including but not limited to: type of care, name and address of the childcare centre, start and end date of the placement, care days, full hourly rates, number of hours and monthly cost. The Villa Bloom placement agreement is to be signed by the parent whose details appear in the parent information section of the agreement.

Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions pertaining to the Villa Bloom placement agreement and applying to all Villa Bloom locations.

Article 2. Duration of Placement
1. Placement commences on the first or 16th day of the relevant calendar month.
2. Placement agreements for day care and flexible care are entered into for a specified period of time and will automatically terminate on either the 15th or the last day of the month following the child’s fourth birthday.
3. It is possible to extend the placement agreement up to the child’s fifth birthday. Parents can request this in advance or during the child’s placement period. Agreements can be extended only if there is a place available in the group.

4. Placement agreements for after school care and holiday care are entered into for a specified period of time and will automatically terminate on the 15th or the last day of the month that the child leaves primary school.

Article 3. Termination of Placement
1. Either party may prematurely terminate the placement by giving written notice. A one- month notice period applies. Cancellation by the parents is valid only when done by registered mail or by e-mail. Cancellation by either party takes effect on the day the written notice is received by the second party. Placements are terminated on either the 15th or the last day of the month.
2. Villa Bloom reserves the right to terminate a placement without notice when continuation of the agreement can no longer reasonably be expected. Termination is justified, for example, should care of the child demand unreasonable extra time and attention, hindering Villa Bloom’s capacity to provide adequate care to the child concerned and/or other children attending the childcare centre.
3. Villa Bloom may also terminate a placement with immediate effect in the event that:
a. fees referred to in Article 6 of this document are not paid for a period of one month or more. Termination in this context does not exempt the parents from previously agreed payment obligations;
b. the parents fail to fulfil their obligations arising from the placement agreement.
4. Placement may be terminated with immediate effect by either party in the event that either party files for bankruptcy or suspends payment or its assets undergo involuntary liquidation.

Article 4. Changes to Placement
Placements can be altered at the parents’ request.
1. Alteration in this context concerns a change in type of care, a change to the number of care days, a change to another day or a combination of the aforementioned.
2. Any changes made regarding placements are only valid once a new placement agreement has been signed. New placement agreements supersede any prior agreement.
3. The conditions in Article 3.1 regarding termination of an agreement are to be applied mutatis mutandis to any request to reduce the number of care days.

Article 5. Placement Cancellation
Parents may cancel a placement before the start date taking into account the one-month notice period. Should parents choose to cancel the placement within two months prior to the start date, a cancellation fee of one full month of childcare will be charged by Villa Bloom. Cancellation is only valid when applied for by e-mail or registered mail and signed by the parents. Cancellations take effect on the day the written notice or e-mail is received by Villa Bloom.

Article 6. Childcare Costs
Parents are required to pay Villa Bloom a monthly fee for services rendered.
1. The fee is specified in the placement agreement and is based on the agreed number of care days.
2. Should a placement start on the 16th day of the month, the monthly fee will be calculated pro rata.
3. Payment is compulsory irrespective of actual placement use.
4. Parents receive a monthly invoice specifying the fees.
5. Any public holidays and (staff study days max 2 per year) on which Villa Bloom is closed are calculated into the hourly rate.
6. The monthly fee for after school care is based on an annual fee spread over 12 months. If the contract ends prematurely, parents will receive a proportionally adjusted final invoice.

Article 7. Payment
Fee payment as outlined in Article 6 shall be made exclusively by direct debit as stated in the placement agreement.

1. Invoices for the following month will be drafted and communicated via the parent portal on the 16th day of each month. Villa Bloom will charge the fee for the upcoming childcare month on the 25th day. If the fee cannot be charged automatically, parents may manually transfer funds to Villa Bloom’s account before the first of the month.
2. If a payment is late, the parents will be legally considered in default without requiring any summons and/or notice. In the event that payment in instalments is agreed, the parents will legally be considered in default should they fail to pay on the dates specified in said agreement. In the event of contravention (if a payment is not received or is not received on time), the payment arrangement will be cancelled and the fee will be claimed in full.
3. If full payment has not been received before the first day of the month, Villa Bloom reserves the right to suspend childcare. The child will then be denied access to the childcare location. Furthermore, if the parents fail to meet their payment obligations, Villa Bloom reserves the right to terminate the agreement. In the event the agreement is terminated, Villa Bloom will observe the agreed one-month notice period for reasons of non-compliance by the contracting party. The childcare costs must be paid over the notice period.
4. Extra childcare days requested before the 16th day of the month will be charged the same month. Any extra days that have been requested after the 16th day of the month will be charged the following month.

Article 8. Changes to Costs
1. Villa Bloom is entitled to unilaterally amend the fee structure outlined in Article 6 should any of the following occur:
a. changes to, for example, wages under the collective labour agreement for the childcare sector, food costs, rent or energy prices;
b. changes due to government decisions or government policy;
c. amendments by Villa Bloom based on its own standards pertaining to childcare.
2. Fee structure amendments will take effect from 1 January of the following calendar year. Parents will be notified of any change five weeks in advance of the current calendar year. Villa Bloom reserves the right to amend fees during the calendar year with a notice period of five weeks.

Article 9. Opening Hours
1. Villa Bloom’s principle opening hours are as follows:
a. day care: from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm;
b. after school care Wijndaelerduin: from the end of the school day to 6.30 pm and from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm during school holidays;
c. after school care Kieviet: from the end of the school day to 6.30 pm and from
8.00 am to 6.30 pm during school holidays.
2. Villa Bloom reserves the right to amend opening hours when necessary taking into account the statutory provisions. Barring special circumstances, parents will be notified in writing of any such amendment no later than two months prior to the effective date.
3. Villa Bloom is closed on public holidays and remembrance days as well as on specific weekdays as established by Villa Bloom and/or in accordance with the collective labour agreement for the childcare sector. These days are calculated in the childcare fee and will not be reimbursed.
4. Villa Bloom is closed for up to two days per year for childcare practitioner training days. These dates will be announced via the parent newsletter at least six months in advance. These days are calculated in the childcare fee and will not be reimbursed.

Article 10. Locations
1. Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 536, 2562 BE, The Hague (day care and after school care).
2. Beeklaan 535a, 2562 BE, The Hague (day care).
3. Utenbroekestraat 4, 2597 PH, The Hague (day care).
4. Thomsonlaan 17c, 2565 KX, The Hague (day care).
5. Buurtweg 16, 2244 AD, Wassenaar (day care and after school care).
6. Wijndaelerduin 2, 2554 BX, The Hague (day care and after school care).

Article 11. Health and Safety
1. To minimise the spread of infectious diseases, Villa Bloom requires every child in its care to take part in the Dutch National Immunisation Programme or to submit proof of vaccination in the country of origin. Villa Bloom requires proof of vaccination at the appointed times in this programme and respects the choice of parents to not participate. Not participating in the programme or failure to provide proof of vaccination is cause for immediate termination of the placement agreement.
2. An ill child may not attend childcare. Non-attendance on account of illness does not waive payment obligations. The same applies to other causes of absence at the discretion or risk of the parents.
3. Villa Bloom recognises that whereas this health and safety policy reduces the risk of infection it provides no guaranteed protection. Parents are aware that interaction between children in a confined environment causes a natural infection risk. While Villa Bloom maintains high hygiene and safety standards, no guarantees can be made concerning possible infections.

Article 12. Liability
Villa Bloom is only liable for damages resulting from the activities referred to in this document, except for damage for which it is legally liable and only to the extent that the insurance taken out by Villa Bloom provides the necessary coverage.

Article 13. Privacy
Villa Bloom maintains utmost confidentiality when handling sensitive data concerning parents and children and will not disclose this information to third parties, subject to exceptions stipulated by law.

Article 14. Complaints and Requests
Complaints regarding conduct, actions, decisions or omissions by either Villa Bloom or its staff must be submitted in writing to the Villa Bloom management team within two months. If parents are not satisfied with the settlement of a complaint by Villa Bloom, they can contact the Dutch National Counter for Childcare Complaints (Klachtencommissie Kinderopvang) to further investigate the matter.

Villa Bloom Terms and Conditions – November 2022