Green & Sustainable


Sustainable choices

Villa Bloom combines excellent childcare with a strong focus on sustainability. Amongst other things, this means that we spend a lot of time in nature, bake our own bread, and teach children to take care of their environment. We have our own vegetable garden which we take care of together with the children, so they learn where their food comes from. We have also made a conscious decision to reuse as much as possible and provide sustainably-made toys, organic food, skincare from Derma Eco Baby and environmentally-friendly nappies from Muumi. At Villa Bloom, we believe that the most effective way to teach is leading by example.

Experience nature

Playing outside contributes to feeling a greater connection to nature. Research shows that children who spend more time playing outdoors often display more varied and creative play. They are challenged to push their boundaries and increase their motor and other skills. In addition, playing in nature leads to environmentally-friendly behaviour, not just in childhood but in later life too. And that’s not only good for the development and future of the children, but also for our planet.


‘Children who spend a lot of time in nature will want to protect it later in life’


Organic hot meal

Moeke Maaltijd provides the organic hot meals that children at Villa Bloom enjoy every day. The ingredients are fresh and organic as much as possible, and are free from sugar or artificial colouring. The meals are steamed to guarantee the highest possible quality.

Vegetable garden

There are many advantages to making your own food and drink. It increases social participation and makes it easier to try a range of different foods. Involving the children in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in our own vegetable garden helps to make food fun, tasty, and educational.

Bring the outside inside

At Villa Bloom we bring the outdoors in as much as possible. Our interior features natural furnishings, fabrics and colours, and our play materials are made of natural wood. We also use as little plastic as possible – unless it’s recycled, of course.