Buurtweg, Wassenaar

Villa Bloom

Buurtweg, Wassenaar

Dutch language childcare for children ages 0-4 and bilingual out of school care for pupils from Kievietschool and Bloemcampschool.

  • Dutch language day care + English language activities
  • Bilingual out of school care: Dutch and English
  • Location manager serving as personal point of contact
  • Organic hot meal
  • Spacious in- and outdoor spaces with soft colors and natural materials
  • Extensive activity program for the BSO including sport, theatre and creative workshops

Day care groups

  • Villa Bloom Kievietsei: 0-4 years (maximum 16 children with three teachers)

We offer a specially developed programme for children who will soon attend primary education.

Out of school care

Villa Bloom Wassenaar offers a high-quality out of school care programme for pupils ages 4-12 from Kievietschool and Bloemcampschool. Our bilingual programme caters for small groups and takes place within a caring, educational and secure environment. By offering a range of active, stimulating and more tranquil activities, there’s something for every child.

  • Birds: Group 1 up to and including 3 (maximum 20 children with two teachers)
  • Monkeys: group 3 up to and including 5 (maximum 22 children with two teachers)
  • Hangout: Group 6 up to and including 8 ( maximum of 12 children with one teacher)

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Villa Bloom Wassenaar is based at Kievietschool on Buurtweg.

  • Easily accessible by car, bicycle and public transport
  • On-street parking near the premises
  • Motorways to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht are only 10-15 minutes away


Buurtweg 16
2244 AD Wassenaar