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Are you interested in Villa Bloom?  Please book a tour! During the tour, we can tel you all about our unique childcare services and give you a tour at the location of your preference.

Villa Bloom

For more information about our childcare or after school care services, feel free to call or email the Villa Bloom office:

070 – 820 05 42

Villa Bloom Loosduinse Hoofdstraat
Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 536
2552 AP The Hague

Villa Bloom Beeklaan
Beeklaan 535A
2562 BE The Hague

Villa Bloom Thomsonlaan
Thomsonlaan 17C
2565 KX The Hague

Villa Bloom Benoordenhout
Utenbroekestraat 4
2597 PH The Hague

Villa Bloom Kievietschool 
Buurtweg 16
2244 AD Wassenaar

Villa Bloom HRC
Theo Mann-Bouwmeesterlaan 800
2597 HM The Hague

Villa Bloom Wijndaelerweg
(from spring of 2020)
Wijndaelerweg 2
2554 BZ The Hague

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