Design and play

girl wooden animals

A home away from home

An environment where children spend several days a week should be an oasis of peace, security and stability that encourages them to explore and discover. Those involved in the design and layout of Villa Bloom have created a cosy family environment where children feel comfortable and have the space and opportunity to run, play and seek to their heart’s content. Thanks to their keen eye for detail and love of children, we have fantastic spaces that we are immensely proud of!

Villa Bloom truly is a home away from home for your child.


The excellent design of both the indoor and outdoor spaces at Villa Bloom contributes to your child’s development. It goes without saying that all spaces conform to the strictest health and safety standards.

Muted colours and soft, natural materials in the interior design spaces create a cosy and warm atmosphere, which contributes to a first-rate learning environment.

Play and discovery

The spacious common rooms contain durable wooden toys inviting children to play and discover. The combined living room and kitchen areas afford children the opportunity to participate in cooking workshops and join in activities such as music, drama, crafts and dancing.


We have selected play materials that children can independently seek out and use themselves. Durable, high-quality toys and games that are timeless stimulate children to use their imagination to invent games and further investigate their world.

Legal standards

All our locations meet the legal standards and requirements of both the fire department and the council’s health services. Many architects and educators were involved in the design and layout of our childcare facilities.