Health and safety

Villa Bloom

Villa Bloom takes the health and safety of your child very seriously. We afford you peace of mind by taking every precaution in our approach to healthy eating habits, safety, hygiene and security.

Healthy eating habits

The foundations of lifelong dietary habits are laid down in early childhood. At Villa Bloom, we recognise the importance of diet and aim to do our best to contribute to healthy eating and drinking habits. This means not only eating healthy food but also involving the children in preparing meals and growing fruit and vegetables in our own garden.

Healthy food combined with the fun of preparing meals and sitting down to eat together all contribute to a positive attitude to nutrition and improve the quality of the children’s diet.

Hot meal

At Villa Bloom, lunch is always a hot meal. We work closely with a nutritionist to create a new menu every day. We only use fresh products, and sugar and colourings are kept to a minimum. Naturally, we also cater for any food allergies as well as dietary requirements of a religious nature. In addition, the children eat fresh fruit in the morning, enjoy a healthy snack at 3:00 pm and have a meal based around freshly baked brown bread at 5:30 pm.

Safety and hygiene

Whenever parents entrust the care of their child to another, safety and hygiene are of paramount importance. The Villa Bloom premises meet all the legal standards and requirements of both the Dutch fire department and the council’s health services. All our employees are carefully selected and specially trained and take their responsibilities as child carers very seriously.

The toys, play areas and other spaces at Villa Bloom are safe and hygienic and all staff know exactly what to do in the event of illness or accidents. The GGD (Community Health Services) inspects the inventory of risks annually.

Council reports

Click here for the GGD Day Care Report (Dutch only)
Click here for the GGD After School Club Report (Dutch only)


Villa Bloom also takes security seriously and uses electronic access cards for both the front entrance and the entrances to the group areas so that only authorised personnel can gain access.

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