Pedagogical objectives



Over the years we have been developing our own, unique philosophy/view on early education based on the educational values of Maria Montessori. The central idea behind this child-centered educational approach is that children are naturally eager to learn. This has inspired us to implement some of these ideas and principles at Villa Bloom, for example the emphasis on independence and discovery in a prepared environment, freedom without limits, and respect for the child’s specific ability and needs. We embed both our own philosophy and the Montessori approach in a clear and practical manner to ensure an inspiring, warm and modern learning environment for the naturally curious child.

Safe and caring foundation

The team at Villa Bloom wants to be an active partner in the upbringing of your children and will offer them a safe and caring foundation from which they can grow and develop at their own pace.

Every child is different, which is why we choose the approach that best fits the temperament, character and abilities of each child. We not only encourage children to learn and discover through play, but we also provide the opportunity for quiet time as and when required.

Open lines of communication

Providing children with a combination of stability and routine, in addition to a stimulating educational programme, actively prepares them for the next stage of their lives, whether in the Dutch or the international school system.

Tailor-made childcare

A close relationship between parents and staff is vital to the provision of tailor-made day care. Villa Bloom’s early childhood professionals are available to speak to you about any issues or concerns you may have either when you drop off your child or come to collect them. Maintaining open lines of communication will help us match the care and upbringing of your child as closely as possible to your situation at home.


We also hold periodic evaluations where we discuss with you your child’s progress and social development within the group. This mostly concerns their relationships with other children of a similar age and language background with comparable motor skills and levels of emotional well-being. At Villa Bloom, we keep up-to-date records of each child to track their progress and development.

We have outlined how every educational activity at Villa Bloom is given shape in our Pedagogical Policy Plan. You can request a copy of this document at each location.

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