Bilingual childcare

boy reading
Villa Bloom daycare

Bilingual education or a bilingual upbringing is becoming increasingly common. Young children find learning a new language very easy; in fact, the younger they are, the better!

An environment rich in language stimulates children’s cognitive development – bilingual education is an added bonus. An important condition for successfully raising a child bilingually is that he or she receives adequate support and stimulation and is educated by someone who has an excellent command of both languages.

Unique educational programme

Villa Bloom has developed a special educational programme specifically for this purpose. Our programme offers a wide range of activities and prepares children for the next stage of their development. By the time they reach school age, children are ready to move straight into the international or Dutch school system.

English and Dutch

Due to the nature of our bilingual education, it is essential that our professionals speak excellent Dutch and/or English and that both languages are spoken consistently. This is a very important component of our philosophy at Villa Bloom.

Villa Bloom offers bilingual childcare that stimulates your child’s cognitive development. We believe that a child’s development can’t start early enough.