Toddler Program


Toddler Program 2-5 years

Toddlers need to develop with their entire body. This is to exercise their gross and fine motor skills, to express themselves and to communicate. Children make the transition from accepting and adapting to the environment, to asking questions about how and why. They want to understand everything they have absorbed in the first three years and are very interested in other cultures. They also show an initial interest in reading, writing and calculating with concrete materials. Toddlers love to help and to do things themselves. They like to take care of their environment, set the table or water the plants. They like to express themselves using paint, crayons, pencils and other craft materials.

We help children to become independent and self-responsible. We learn them how to use fragile object such as plates and drinking glasses, how to offer help to a friend, how to say sorry when they have hurt their friend, and how to take care of plants, animals, nature and their environment.